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$200 million dollars. That’s how much James Harden’s new sneaker deal with Adidas is worth. Okay wait, so let’s do some math for a second. I go to the University of Houston. My tuition fees and meal plan plus housing all come out to about 10 G’s and some change per semester right… Two semesters in a year means my parents are spending around 20 G’s a year for me to be here. Multiply 20 by the four years it’ll take me to get up out of here and you’ve got 80 thousand dollars. Now just for the sake of argument let’s calculate how many times James Harden could pay my college tuition from my freshman year till graduation. Go ahead and take that $200,000,000.00 and put it in your calculator. Divide by $80,000.00 and what do you get? 2,500. Yes, James Edward Harden Jr. could pay my college tuition for the whole duration of my college career 2,500 times over. Feel broke yet?

Well in case you didn’t know, James Harden made quite a bit of money this summer signing an individual sneaker deal with Adidas. Now a person might ask what all does a sneaker deal get you? The answer to that question is very simple and can be answered with one word, endorsement. James, with a signature of his name on the dotted line instantly improved his own individual popularity as an NBA player. Adidas now can include him in his own commercials much like Adidas already does for pro athletes’ Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose. The deal also comes with your own sneaker. Although James’ first installment has not been created yet, it should arrive soon. It didn’t take long for other recent Adidas athlete John Wall to get his first beloved signature shoe.

James Harden was previously affiliated with Nike but when Adidas made their initial offer, Nike declined to match the value of the contract. So what does this do for the sport of basketball in the bigger picture? Well, it arguably gives the three top sports brands in Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour, each arguably holds a top 5 player in the NBA. As UA holds defending NBA champion Stephen Curry under contract. Nike has LeBron and Adidas now with James Harden. The longevity of the contract includes 13 years of service from James. Not too bad! This deal is not only important for James but for the city of Houston to have a huge athlete to support and branding that backs his greatness! Signing out, this ones’ for the city!

-Credits: Sneaker News and USA Today (for contract information).

-Terrence Whaley