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When did a sports team and coolness become apart of the same sentence? There’s been many examples. You’ve got the Georgetown basketball team from the early 1980’s, where young kids and adults would wear anything from the standard snapback hat or the leather letterman jacket. The Georgetown Hoya logo on anything in the 80’s drew attention to your outfit. Then you had the Chicago Bulls gear from the help of Michael Jordan throughout the 90’s. And of course the countless amount of gear the ‘Fab Five’ produced years of love for the University of Michigan. But through all of the different colors and all of the up’s and downs of individual teams’ success, one team and one product has stayed consistent through time. The one and only, New York Yankee fitted hat.

What is it? Is it the color? The simplicity? The fact that the Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships? I would think the latter. Success brings fans and value. And as the value of the Yankees grew, so did their coolness. Who cares if you watch baseball? Or if you don’t even know who there starting pitcher is? You wear that Yankee fitted, automatically the feeling of success falls over you. Success also brings relevancy, as the Yankees have won 5 World Series championships in the last 20 years and have made 7 appearances in that same time span.

I’ve got the Yankee fitted in my closet. Some of my friends do too. It’s so cool to me how this hat and the New York Yankees have sustained success through time. They are the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Lakers of baseball undoubtedly. Culture to me can be anything that can last from one era to the next. And to me, no other sports team has a bigger footprint than the Yankees! Wear your fitted with style and love! Enjoy.

– Credits : Complex Mag and Baseball-Reference .

– Terrence Whaley